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I drew this a month ago and forgot about it

Just drawing whatever

and a bonus WIP

hey I’m grump. 

I did that thing I mentioned to Lina and Kim, would ya look at that. whoop

sometimes during class I start doodling my boyfriend.

The dream team

Avocado: the doof

Asparagus: the bab

Lasagna: the tsundere

Traded Japanese Scyther: the powerhouse

Falafel: the overprotective

and Pudding: the neglected

You are fantastic

you’re fantastic too anon.

No I love your art so much and was wondering what do you draw/animate using? I currently use Firealpaca and want a better drawing application.

oh my oh my thank you friend. 

I use Paint Tool Sai for practically all of my digital art (which I do not know how to get because it was given to me, I am sorry)

and Flash CS6 for animation!

just playing with color

…..I draw this pose a lot




have some doodlies

Why pay attention in Chemistry class when you can draw a centaur gal

A small gift for my mom

The most kissably adorable sweet funny fantastic talented adventurous lovable dork in the whole world. My absolute favorite boy in the whole world. I mean /cough/ look at this person… they’re pretty swell. yeah.

Mon petit chou. TeeJay makes a perfect pin up girl. 


PS: you can click it for a little eyelash fluttering that tumblr doesnt want to process because its so big